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Investing in real estate has long been viewed as a stable investment alternative to putting money into the volatile stock market. In fact, many turn to real estate to provide long-term, passive cash-flow that they can rely on all the way into retirement. The mistake that many investors make, though, is assuming that they can manage the investments themselves while keeping it a mostly passive endeavor. Any experienced landlord knows that managing rental properties is anything but passive; between maintenance calls, properly screening tenants, bookkeeping, property upkeep, and showing available units, these “passive” investments can quickly turn into full-time jobs.

TCG Property Management has spent the last 5+ years building a team and creating systems which allow property owners to give up the hands-on portion of their real estate investments in favor of dedicating their time to more important aspects of their lives. For some, this frees them up to find other profitable investments, and for others this takes away stress and allows them to spend more time focusing on their families or their hobbies. Either way, TCG Property Management exists to make the investments of time and money of our clients more profitable and efficient through the following services:

Our Services

Rent Collection

Online payment options and automated collections processes to make sure rent is paid on time and tenants are held accountable.

Property Maintenance

Full-time maintenance staff who can handle the majority of issues and a strong network of sub-contractors for the complicated stuff.


Detailed book-keeping, tax escrow services, insurance, and the owner portal gives our clients real-time access to P&L and other financial reports.


High-quality pictures, 3D virtual tours, social media presence, and after hours showings combined with our detailed screening process help us place strong tenants quickly.

Unit turnovers

Experienced maintenance staff can handle unit-turns in an efficient manner, reducing time off-market


Monthly drive-bys to keep eyes on your property and full interior inspection reports available

Get a custom Property Management Quote

Give us a call or provide us with your phone number in our Owner Questionnaire so that we can give you a custom price quote based on your property and management needs.

Whether you’re looking to collaborate with us on a weekly basis regarding the management of your property, or if you’d prefer to simply receive a check and a financial statement each month, The Chrysalis Group would love to design a management plan to help grow your business.
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